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Notice on the FIC2022 Exhibition Migration Shit Guangzhou


Dear exhibitors, audiences and partners:

In view of the latest development situation and prevention and control policies of the new crown epidemic in Shanghai and the country, in order to ensure the health and safety of all participants in the exhibition, and the exhibition is successfully held, after careful research and judgment, the 25th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition The conference and the 31st National Food Additive Production Application Technology Exhibition (FIC2022) will be moved by Guangzhou. The holding time: August 16-18, 2022, the location of the exhibition hall of the China Import and Export Commodity Fair.

For more than two decades, the FIC exhibition has always maintained distinctive characteristics, focused on serving the food industry, and has been recognized by the industry at home and abroad with the characteristics of professionalism, branding and internationalization, and has become the world's premier industry professional brand exhibition. We will continue to work on platform functions such as academic exchanges, technological innovation, business cooperation, and international trade of the exhibition to create a better exhibition experience for everyone.

In the past period, all colleagues in the industry overcome difficulties, actively stabilized and increased production, innovated in adversity, and made outstanding contributions to promoting the stable development of the food industry and ensuring the better life of the people. At the critical moment of the industry's hard work, in the demands of the majority of enterprises, the FIC exhibition will break through the actual resistance and timely build an urgent need for the industry in a timely manner. At the same time, we know that the adjustment of the exhibition will bring a lot of inconvenience to everyone, and apologize here. After research and decision by the organizer, participating in the domestic exhibition area exhibitors of this Guangzhou FIC2022 will give subsidies for 200 yuan per 9 square meters. Exhibitors of the international trade exhibition area will give subsidies for 300 yuan per 9 square meters. This subsidy will participate in the next event Do it correspondingly. At the same time, the association will give appropriate priority and more convenience to the exhibitors that have supported this time. Thanks to the industry colleagues for their long -term support and cooperation. We will pay close attention to the development of the epidemic, maintain communication with relevant departments, and properly do the preparations for the exhibition.

Source: China Food Additives and Ingredients Association

Author: China Food Additives and Ingredients Association