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FIC2019 Exhibition Information


The world's largest 23rd China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition (FIC2019) will be grandly opened at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai on March 18-20, 2019! Our company's booth numbers are 52J69 and 52J71.

FIC2019, an exhibition with strong industry cohesion, has 1,568 well-known domestic and foreign companies from 33 countries and regions around the world with the latest achievements in the field of food additives and ingredients. Among them, 500 exhibitors in the international exhibition area, There are 1,068 domestic exhibitors, and the number of domestic and foreign exhibitors has increased by 160 compared with the previous session. The exhibition is divided into five professional exhibition areas to serve professional audiences, with a total exhibition area of ​​140,000 square meters, an increase of 8.8% over the previous session. Rich technology and product displays, three high-end forums and more than 50 new product and new technology conferences will present the most gorgeous chapter in the food additives and ingredients industry this year for the food industry!

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The FIC exhibition is known as the "wind vane of the food additives and ingredients industry", and it is also the first platform for the industry to promote new products and new technologies. There are 1,568 domestic and foreign exhibitors in FIC2019. Exhibitors will compete to launch their own new products of the year, and do their best to provide professional visitors with personalized products and technical services, making FIC2019 a window to peep into the industry's new products and technologies and to purchase new products. The fastest platform.

FIC2019 is divided into international exhibition areas, extracts, functional ingredients, health products, natural products exhibition area, comprehensive product exhibition area, flavor, fragrance and seasoning exhibition area, machinery equipment and food safety testing equipment exhibition area, 5 professional exhibition areas are displayed in different areas, forming The three major sectors of food industry raw and auxiliary materials (functional food ingredients), food industry machinery and equipment, and food industry innovation technology are the best situation to fully serve the food industry. The exhibits cover all varieties and series of products required in the food industry chain, 23 categories of food additives, 35 categories of food ingredients, 14 categories of food processing aids, new resource foods and ingredients, natural products, extracts, functional Ingredients, health products and new food raw materials and food packaging, processing machinery, filling machinery, packaging materials, application technology, food testing equipment, etc., there are tens of thousands of exhibits on display. Hall 4.1, newly opened this year, will exhibit extracts, functional ingredients, health products, natural products, machinery and equipment, and food safety testing instruments. A total of 345 exhibitors will participate in the exhibition, of which 242 are specialized in natural and functional foods. Additive ingredient products, health food and other enterprises exhibited, and 102 enterprises of machinery and equipment exhibited. The establishment of this professional pavilion not only facilitates the special needs of buyers, but also meets the needs of industrial enterprises for technological transformation and product upgrades, and facilitates one-stop procurement for domestic and foreign food companies.

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There are 500 exhibitors in the international exhibition area of ​​FIC2019, bringing together the industry's top international enterprises and national and regional pavilions, including the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan pavilions, simultaneously displaying the world's most cutting-edge products and technologies, making You know the world without going abroad. In the domestic exhibition area, the 1,068 Chinese exhibitors are mainly industry-leading manufacturers and export product manufacturers, including all the leaders in China's food additives and ingredients industry, representing the overall product technology level of China's food additives and ingredients, reflecting the The overall appearance of the industry enterprise.

Academician Forum and other high-end forums are held concurrently  Frontier technology is within reach

The industry's most high-end professional summit forums—— food industry innovation and development academician forum, Made in China 2025 - the third summit forum on machinery and equipment to promote the development of food industry, regulations and standards and new technology forums are worth your participation! The 3 summit forums will provide the industry with the opportunity to listen to the industry's top experts and interact with authoritative experts. Special reports and speeches will explore the future of industry development with forward-looking technology, create the future of enterprise development with innovative scientific research, and lead product brand innovation with future technology. As far as the forum goes, look at the hot spots of the industry and help promote the sustainable development of the whole industry. High-quality authoritative forums and high-quality industry interaction enable participants to have zero distance from the most forward-looking scientific and technological information!

More than 50 new product and new technology conferences will be held during the exhibition period. Industry-leading companies at home and abroad will conduct on-site interpretations on functional food ingredients, innovative products and technologies, and the application of functional new products in food. . The actual interpretation and application of cutting-edge technologies at the press conference of exhibitors will lead the sound of the march of sustainable development in the food industry, see through the phenomenon of science and technology, help enterprises' technological innovation and food quality improvement, and gain a lot for the industry. Exhibiting is good.

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