Sauce pickles color protection treasure

This product is made of antioxidants, stabilizers and other raw materials that comply with national food safety standards, and is carefully developed and scientifically formulated. It is widely used to protect the color and freshness of pickled vegetables, canned vegetables, jam and other fruit and vegetable products, and can effectively prevent the contamination of fruit and vegetable products. All kinds of natural or synthetic pigments fade and change color due to light exposure; this product has stable performance, is safe and efficient, can significantly extend the color freshness time of the product, and achieves ideal antioxidant and color protection effects.

Oil and water separator

It can effectively solve the problem of oil and water stratification in the product, make the oil and water in the product miscible, and reduce the uneven distribution of pigment substances in the product caused by the separation of oil and water.

moisture retention treasure

It can effectively improve the water retention of prefabricated meat products, fish products, frozen aquatic products and other foods, enhance elasticity and improve taste; it has the effect of emulsifying protein, thereby improving product stability.

Fruit and Vegetable Brittle

It plays a role in stabilizing the quality of fruit and vegetable products, and can prevent the products from being soft and collapsed due to hot blanching or cooking.

Meat phosphorus treasure

This product is a high-efficiency and dedicated injection-type water retention agent, and can also be directly used in tumbling, chopping, marinating and other meat products. It has good solubility and excellent water retention performance, which can improve product yield.


This product is highly efficient and widely used in tumbling, chopping, marinating and other meat products. It has the characteristics of water retention, improved product yield, and rapid extraction of salt-soluble protein. It can significantly enhance the elasticity and brittleness of the product and improve the taste of the product. .

Compound moisture retention agent

This product is professionally used in meatball series, chopping series, minced meat products, emulsified meat puree products, high-end meat products, can quickly extract salt-soluble protein, improve product structure, significantly enhance product elasticity and brittleness, and improve product water retention Antioxidative properties, maintain product color freshness and extend shelf life.

The treasure of meatⅠ

It has the characteristics of expanding antibacterial spectrum, synergistic antibacterial effect and high safety, and can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, yeast, mold, etc.; all components of this product meet the edible requirements of national food safety standards.

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